3 5/8″ scagel style slipjoint in jigged yellow G-10 and 1969 vw bug spring


here is my take on a great 3 5/8″ closed scagel style slipjoint from Jerry Van Eizenga’s book on scagel style folders. this one is linerless and has flush peened pins and is about perfect in the front pocket of jeans or a back pocket or jacket pocket. the blade is made from one of the torsion bars from the front end of my boy’s first 1969 volkswagon beetle and is ground nice and thin, the way a smaller every day using pocketknife should be.

if you had an old vw bug, and would like one of these with a different color to remember your bug by, drop me an email and ill see what I can do


Date made:   1-18-24

Style:       3 5/8″ scagel style Slipjoint

Steel:    69 volkswagon bug spring

Scales:     yellow G-10 jigged

Pins:    nickle silver

shield:   nickle silver

Liners:   none, scales milled for internal washers

Half stop: yes

OAL Open:    6  1/4″

OAL closed:  3  5/8″

handle thickness: .340″ or a little under 3/8″

Blade Lenth:  2 3/4″

Width:   9/16″

Grind: full flat grind .008″ at the shoulder of the edge, .047″ measured 1/4″ back from the edge, .085″ at the spine near my mark

Blade finish: handsanded 600 grit

Weight:    1.3 Ounces


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