Barred Roc multiplex slingshot!


The first design in my slingshot line is the Barred Roc Goblet, named after some of my wifes favorite chickens. It is a beefed up Goblet design with some pretty nice features for an entry level slingshot.

these will come with a target bandset already attached. standard is gzk .54 yellow 20-15x210mm which is well suited to the included samples of 9.5mm clay, and 8mm steel balls. an extra target bandset, and extra tie in material. also included is a lanyard. this set up is a great combination for target shooting, protecting the garden, knocking cans around, and just plain fun!

Premium usps 1-3 day priority shipping in the continental US is included.

These will be a standard stock item and I will try to keep a couple on hand in this standard configuration. if you would like different finishes or colors, or a hunting bandset, please use the contact me form on the contact me page to send a message and I will get back to you.

Date first produced: 5/23/21

Style: Barred Roc Goblet

Materials: 18mm Baltic Birch Multiplex

Finish: Torched, tips sealed in satin polyurathane, body dipped in Dark walnut danish oil

Band attachment: Wrap and tuck grooves

Fork Tip Width: 30mm

Outside fork width: 95mm

Overall lenth: 127mm

Fork Gap: 36mm

Weight: 2.20 Ounces with bandset

In stock (can be backordered)