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Welcome to the pocket knives, straight razors and Slingshots Page!

Just recently I made the switch from a multiblade cartridge razor to a straight, and while it wasn’t the easiest switch, it has been more than worth it! Yes, it does take a couple minutes longer in the morning to shave with a straight, but the smell of my favorite shaving soaps, the hypnotic sound of the razor on the strop, and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a great shave is something that must be experienced! Pick up a vintage razor, or try one of mine, either way you will begin the morning with either a piece of history, or a handmade razor and start the day on a brighter note.

The folders dont usually stay around the shop for long, but I offer single blade slipjoints and liner locks, both in flipper and traditional thumbstud opening styles. you might have to make a special order if you would like one, and you can do that by contacting me on the contact me page.

The slingshots! i have been using a slingshot since i can remember, and get heavy into them for awhile and then back off. but the advances in slingshot elastics over the last 5 years or so has been phenomenal. one of my biggest problems with them and hunting has been that traditional elastics dont do well in the cold. but now we have elastics that will perform down below 0 degrees farenheit! with the biggest problem now a thing of the past, I am offering custom slingshots, starting with 18mm baltic birch multiplex, and then as soon as I get my clip design where I want it, custom clipped slingshots in mostly aluminum and micarta!

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Showing 1–16 of 23 results