1095 3″ scagel style slipjoint in jigged maroon micarta


here is my take on a great 3″ scagel style slipjoint from Jerry Van Eizenga’s book on scagel style folders. this one is linerless, so it is very thin and light, and just about disapears in a front pocket. the blade features my 1095 high carbon steel with multiple quench and 3 tempers and is ground nice and thin, the way a small every day using pocketknife should be.


Date made: 4/4/22

Style: 3″ scagel style Slipjoint

Steel: 1095

Scales: jigged marroon linen micarta

Pins: bronze

Bolsters: none

Liners: none, scales milled for internal washers

Half stop: yes

OAL Open: 5 1/4″

OAL closed: 3″

handle thickness: .350″ or a little under 3/8″

Blade Lenth: 2 1/4″

Width: 1/2″

Grind: full flat grind .004″, .049″, .087″

Blade finish: handsanded 600 grit

Weight: .9 Ounces


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