4 3/4″ Hunter in 52100 and Ringed Gidgee!


Date made:   9-7-22

Style: Hunter

Steel: 52100

Handle:   Ringed Gidgee

Guard:   Etched wrought Iron with red white and blue Spacers

Pins:    mild steel

Sheath: Clean, Dyed Leather

OAL:    9 1/2″

Blade Lenth:   4 7/8″

Width:   1″

Grind:   heavy convex  .008″ at the shoulder of the edge, .090″ measured 1/4″ back from the edge, .212″ at the spine near my mark

Blade finish: Handsanded and Etched

Weight With Sheath:   9.9 ounces with the sheath



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