Razors and Folders

Welcome to the Razors and Folders Page!

Just recently I made the switch from a multiblade cartridge razor to a straight, and while it wasn’t the easiest switch, it has been more than worth it! Yes, it does take a couple minutes longer in the morning to shave with a straight, but the smell of my favorite shaving soaps, the hypnotic sound of the razor on the strop, and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a great shave is something that must be experienced! Pick up a vintage razor, or try one of mine, either way you will begin the morning with either a piece of history, or a handmade razor and start the day on a brighter note.

The folders are coming along nicely, ive got a couple good single blade slipjoint patterns worked out, and can offer them in liner or linerless construction, with bolsters or without.

Coming soon are medium sized lockbacks, and multiblade slipjoints. Ive been working on more tooling and jigs and the folders are a lot of fun to make and to carry and use!

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Showing all 3 results